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A graphic with the Coastal Corridor Alliance logo upper right with a grey bar behind it and the words: Trivia Tuesday. Below it is a blurred image a question: Which Coastal Corridor Alliance event is held the third Saturday of the month? 1. Fairview Park Restoration Days 2. Beach Cleanups 3. Committee Meetings 4. Board Meetings

Trivia Tuesday

April 30, 2024

Introducing Trivia Tuesday…. let’s talk about the events the Coastal Corridor Alliance holds! What’s your guess?

The answer is: A. Fairview Park.

From 9-11:30 am, the CCA works to restore the native habitat of Fairview Park. With your help we can remove invasive plants, collect and plant native seeds, care for the young plants, and remove debris from the soil. Along the way, you will learn about the plants around you and the role/impact on our local habitat and animals. This is a great hands on experience to better care/understand for our environment.

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