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Get Involved

There are a lot of ways to get involved in the Coastal Corridor.
Here are four easy ways to begin your journey.


1. Subscribe to Nature

Subscribe to the Alliance’s emails. This is your gateway to all things CCA. Learn about ways to help, volunteer opportunities, educational content, and the latest developments in our ongoing effort to steward, support, and engage on the Coastal Corridor lands and waters — all delivered directly to your inbox!


Hand give another hand a heart

2. Give to CCA

We accept one-time and recurring donations!

Thank you for donating to fund our work. We support the practice of giving 10% of household income to charities. Please consider adding us to your list of charities.

PEER Events

3. Volunteer, Learn, & Share

Join with your community to help restore our local lands and waters. If you, your school, community group, or corporation are looking for ways to give back to nature and your community, please consider volunteering with the CCA. There are many volunteer needs and ways to learn.

Learn more about our PEER Program, which has several volunteer opportunities.

If you’d rather spend more time volunteering on bigger projects, we are recruiting volunteers for board positions and committee positions. For more information,


4. Leave a Legacy

Leave a lasting legacy by supporting the biodiversity, stewardship, and appropriate human uses in the Coastal Corridor—forever. This support can come in a variety of ways such as via your retirement account, listing us as a beneficiary to your life insurance policy, through a planned gift via your estate plan or will, or even a bequest.

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