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Paul Waggoner

Paul Waggoner

Community Engagement Manager

Paul oversees various community partnerships and events throughout the year, including our Partnerships, Education, Equity, and Restoration (PEER) Program events. He also assists the Alliance with internal processes & operations, tech and media administration, fundraising, and more. Paul was excited to complete the first successful year of PEER Program projects in 2023, including the Alliance’s community-led restoration project at Fairview Park. Learning about these projects and processes is what keeps driving Paul forward in his goal of conserving and restoring the Santa Ana River Coastal Corridor for future generations.

Why do you work in this field?

It’s imperative that we humans do whatever it takes to preserve what little remains of functioning ecosystems, upon which we all (all of Life) depend. The Santa Ana River Coastal Corridor is in Paul’s neighborhood, so it makes sense that he protects what is local to him toward functioning biodiverse systems and its future generations (reciprocating humans included).

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Paul loves spending time with his family indoors and outdoors. He also enjoys being active in nature through different sports. He loves to explore through research and writing the philosophical and practical ins and outs of the ecological realities of the human race, and what it would require for us to realign with the natural world.

Lastly, what is your favorite outdoor activity?

It depends on the day. Rock climbing is highly rewarding to him; using his whole body and brain to solve physical puzzles, in beautiful and diverse natural settings. Paul also states climbing has also been one vehicle which has encouraged eye opening exploration in many places and environments around the world.
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