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Melanie Schlotterbeck, CMP

Stewardship Consultant

Melanie Schlotterbeck is a longtime conservation advocate with a specialty in protecting Southern California natural lands. With over 25 years of experience in the field, she brings the unique skill of working toward a common goal with non-traditional partners; local jurisdictions; natural resource, planning, and transportation agencies; and the public to protect important areas. Locally she has been involved in the durable protection of tens of thousands of acres—and there is always more to do! The preservation of the $97M Randall Preserve is a key accomplishment for her. She also serves on the statewide 30×30 Partnership Coordinating Committee appointed by California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot. One of her main tasks with the Coastal Corridor Alliance is advancing the Resource Management Plan and Coastal Resilience StrategyCal State Fullerton is her alma mater for both her bachelor’s degree in Geography and a master’s degree in Environmental Studies. One of her core values is ensuring the disability community isn’t left out of equitable access and park discussions.

Why do you work in this field?

Participating in local conservation work helps the state, nation, and world meet its goal to protect 30% of the lands and coastal waters by 2030 (30×30). Over the last few decades, Melanie has finely honed her conservation skillset and applied it to the work of the Coastal Corridor Alliance. She aims to be the go-to environmental advocate by building trust with agencies, thought leaders, community organizations, and residents. Her ability to craft creative solutions, think outside the box, trust the process, tolerate the uncomfortable, and analyze problems from different angles makes her a strategic leader for the organization.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Since June of 2022, she has camped every week in a regional, state, or federal campground with a goal to camp at every publicly accessible, 2WD drivable, and reservable campground within a three hour radius of her home. During her outings she reads, hikes, and enjoys photographing nature. She also runs a park-themed book club via Twitter with participation across the US.

Lastly, what is your favorite outdoor activity?

Hiking is something Melanie does every weekend. In 2023, she successfully participated in the 52 Hike Challenge and the 365-Mile Challenge. She hopes to inspire others to hike and camp—especially women—via fun and educational Instagram reels.

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